Why Oro Tico Realty?

For us, Oro Tico Realty means “Business” and we would like you to take advantage of the golden opportunities in Costa Rica. Oro Tico Realty has been dedicated to the Real Estate and Construction business for many years, covering the areas of development and property management. The Embassy of the United States, the United States, Chiquita Brands, Solnut and Taisuco de C.R are just some of our satisfied customers. We believe that to be successful with your investment in Costa Rica, you must trust a company like Oro Tico Realty, who will always have your best interests at heart.

So, whether you’re purchasing your first home or property, investing, selling/buying a dream home, downsizing, relocating, staring a new business, looking for an opportunity in the commercial, industrial or developing market, selling or searching for a farm. Oro Tico Realty is fully committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals by providing you with outstanding service and quality information so making the right decision is easy.

Why Marcela Carmona?

Marcela Carmona, is a real estate consultant that has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to interact with persons of different cultures and customs. On each trip she has been able to take with her a variety of experiences about people’s likes and dislikes. This has allowed her to easily relate to both nationals and foreigners with a better understanding of their real estate expectations.

Marcela has been involved in the placement of Real Estate since 2003, helping her clients to:

  • Sell their properties in the shortest time possible and at the best market price.
  • Provide advice to buyers so that they can acquire the properties of their dreams either for their personal or for their professional projects.
  • Advise clients in the search, implementation and management of their real estate projects.

Through the years of experience Marcela has built multiple alliances with an outstanding team of experienced professional in different areas related to the real estate transactions such as lawyers, escrow and appraisals services, architects, engineers, constructions companies, etc, all of who are passionate about offering the best customer service. Meant to provide you with unparalleled professionalism, support and guidance. Marcela most important goal is to deliver an absolutely stress-free and smooth process to all her clients.

Marcela’s main purpose is the satisfaction of her clients and to be able to offer them the guarantee that she will be there to protect their interests, always providing them with clear and timely information for a better decision making.

Marcela works towards making you feel that each of your transactions is safe and supported at all times. She will be there from beginning to end of each negotiation. In her person you will find a human being, dedicated, responsible, and committed to high ethical values. She will be 100% dedicated to making your real estate needs a great business opportunity.


  • Member # 1325 of the Real Estate Chamber of Costa Rica (Cámara de Corredores de Bienes Raíces de Costa Rica CBR)
  • Member # 06122768 of Nacional Association of Realtors (NAR)

Our Team

Brittanny Álvarez

Editing and Graphic Design Assistant

Miss. Brittanny Álvarez is the editing and graphic design assistant at Oro Tico Realty, being in charge of preparing and assembling the public and private listings of the properties.

In addition, she is responsible for taking these campaigns in their various forms to online platforms, to strategically boost the marketing of OroTico Realty’s real estate portfolio.

Bri Álvalrez, as we call her kindly, is in charge of the OroTico Realty’s network of contacts and provides personalized support to our customers.